TJ Sauce

The Legendary 70 years old classic sauce ever-growing with innovations


TJ SAUCE represents the Ho family's persistence of taste and nutrition , as well as pursuit of a perfect soy sauce over 70 years. Back to the early 1910s, Mr. Lai Shing, grandfather of Mr. Ho Kam Chuen, the Technical Consultant of TJ SAUCE, established Yi Jeng Yuan, one of the most renowned sauce brewery yards in Soy Street, Mongkok. Thereafter, the legendary brewery technology of the successful soy sauce is passed over generations.

In 1945, Mr. Ho Wai Hao, son-in-law of Mr. Lai Shing established a new brand namely TJ SAUCE. However, the business was frozen in the mid 70's after the pass away of the founder and Shatin New Town Development Project. In 2010, TJ SAUCE brand was relaunched by Mr. Ho Kam Chuen. It contributed to the success of the TJ SAUCE “Versatile Flavoring” invented in 2013.

Company Background

The company was first operating as a sauce grocery store when established. With solid experience originated in Yi Jeng Yuan, Mr. Ho Wai Hao, the father of Mr. Ho Kam Chuen, the Technical Consultant of TJ SAUCE, focuses on Research and Development of various types of soy sauces.

The Lin Yuan Restaurant, owned and operated by the Ho family, also helped test run of all TJ SAUCE products. The founder realized that beside food quality and cooking method, a premium sauce itself can ignite the life of dishes. He was motivated on developing more sauces to enrich the taste of dishes.

With a strong belief of "Tasty yet Healthy and Safe", TJ SAUCE is always striving for perfection of product quality. The next goal of the brand is achieving the Global GAP authentication and coloring every corner of the world with authentic flavours and better health.

Brand Concept

TJ SAUCE aims at developing world-class healthy soy seasoning products with integration of traditional brewery concept and breakthrough technology. It is always striving to enhance nutrition value and arouse the original freshness of food. The principle “Bringing Freshness and Securing Food Safety with Technology” is its top priority.

An authentic taste manufactured in Hong Kong

Science and Technology

Living up to the family’s persistence of taste with scientific research in the states, Mr. Ho Kam Chuen brought new technology into his inherited business. In 2005, he learned from the one and only Chinese chelating expert, Dr. Remy Chan. Mr. Ho indulged in Agricultural and Food Science Research while applied this new Chelating Technology on agriculture.

The top-notch authenticated chelating technology can effectively restore the polluted agriculture background to a pure natural one without contamination of toxic chemicals in the polluted soil. The agricultural products are purified and safe.

For better nutrition values, TJ SAUCE took more than 2 years to develop the ingredients. Healthy Enzymes are added during food processing. In addition, the production line is kept at absolute high hygiene standard to minimize the potential risk of bacteria infection during traditional brewery process. Meanwhile, the capability of umami enrichment is skillful maintained.

Core value

Born in a gourmet family, Mr. Ho Kam Chuen traveled to countries and learned different cultures, where he gained sensitive taste buds on pursuit of food quality. However, after the early pass away of his father due to overlooking healthy diet, Mr. Ho realised the importance of food nutritions and healthy diet.

Mr. Ho was greatly influenced by Food Nutrition and Science during his US studies in 70's. He realised that agricultural food quality and nutrition is degraded due to global environmental pollution like acid rain and soil deterioration. This is actually a key factor on health problem.

Seamlessly integrating the concepts of 2 generations, taste and nutritions, Mr. Ho invented traditional yet innovative TJ SAUCE “Versatile Flavoring” in 2013. He hopes everyone can enjoy a healthy yet tasty diet by dipping with this sauce.

Resuming Natural, Securing Food Safety with technology

Product Feature

TJ SAUCE “Versatile Flavoring” is a breakthrough integration of traditional brewery of sun-dried soy together with the advanced Chelation Technology.

Chelation Technology is a high temperature fermentation process. The nutrition is activated and broken down into smaller molecules for easier body absorption. The sauce is fresh savoury delight with delicate texture and after taste. It is widely used in general seasoning and food dipping to give life to dishes by evoking their original Umami, freshness and sweetness.

Besides applying to steaks, fish, and vegetables, it also works well with soup or even desserts such as tofu puddings. In addition, TJ SAUCE “Versatile Flavoring” can be a natural flavour for beverages. It can play a magic on enhancing soy taste in soy milk, as well as coco-bean taste in coffee. It can even enrich aromas of red wine. The sauce goes well with regional and international cuisines.

Nowadays, TJ SAUCE “Versatile Flavoring” has achieved SGS product certification. It is eligible for Islamic authentication by HALAL. It is the first overseas seasoning product which can acquire the royal Islam UBP authentication.